Sushi’s Week 6 Quick Picks

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posting this week. The three day holidays make it tough to write. Anyways, because of the holidays, this week we’re just going to do quick picks instead of the overly long version that I generally churn out.

Brief note about the MLB playoffs: remember my predictions in last week’s picks? Yeah, I got every single one of them wrong. Remember, as always, if you want to win money in Vegas, just go against every single one of my picks and you’ll be in good shape. Anyways, here are the picks.

Indianapolis -3 over HOUSTON

Denver -8 over NEW YORK JETS

CLEVELAND -2 over Pittsburgh

Jacksonville +5.5 over TENNESEE

ATLANTA -3 over Chicago

Green Bay -3.5 over MIAMI

Detroit -1.5 over MINNESOTA

CINCINNATTI -7 over Carolina

BUFFALO +3 over New England

TAMPA BAY +3 over Baltimore

San Diego -7 over OAKLAND

SEATTLE -8 over Dallas

ARIZONA -3.5 over Washington

NEW YORK GIANTS +3 over Philadelphia

ST. LOUIS +3.5 over San Francisco


This Week: 1-0-0

Last Week: 7-7-0
Season: 35-39-1


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