Sushi’s Week 5 Picks

6-7. That was my record last week. Wasn’t great, but wasn’t too bad. Anyways, before we get started, let’s just go through my MLB playoff predictions quickly.

Going through the playoffs:

ALDS 2v3: Detroit over Baltimore

Reasoning: Detroit has a slightly a better offense and slightly better pitching overall, but they have multiple guys who they can turn to win a game for them between David Price, Max Scherzer, and even Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, and Anibal Sanchez (if he’s back from injury).

ALDS 1v4: Los Angeles over Kansas City

The Angels have a huge hitting advantage which can overcome the slight pitching superiority of the Royals.

ALCS: Detroit over Los Angeles

They’re even hitting-wise but Detroit outclasses the Halos’ pitching staff in every way.

NL WCG: San Francisco over Pittsburgh

They’re about even hitting-wise (although I’d give the slight edge to the Pirates) but the Giants have a pitcher or two upon whom they can rely to win a game for them while the Pirates have none.

NLDS 2v3: Los Angeles over St. Louis

The Dodgers surpass the Cardinals in every aspect of the game, with better starting pitching, relief pitching, and hitting.

NLDS 1v4: Washington over San Francisco

See the previous section and just change the names of the teams.

NLCS: Washington over Los Angeles

In the best series in this year’s playoffs (and probably in years) the Nationals beat the Dodgers behind their immense depth.

WS: Washington over Detroit

Either this one or the predicted NLCS will be the best series this year. The Tigers have the best two pitchers in the series as well as the best two to three hitters, but again, the Nationals’ depth will give them the World Series.

Now, onto the picks!

GREEN BAY -9 over Minnesota

I’m going to follow the recent trend and name this my Derrick Rose’s ACL blowout of the week.

Teddy Bridgewater looked really good last week against Atlanta but he hurt his ankle. Normally he’d be back the next week, but because of the short week, he’s questionable. I could go into the evils of Thursday night football, but that’s another story.

Without Bridgewater, whom are the Vikings going to be starting? Christian Ponder? Matt Cassel? Yeah…

Chicago +2.5 over CAROLINA

I’m coming back for more with this Taco Bell’s Upset Pick of the Week (because of what Taco Bell’s food will do to your stomach). After picking Chicago last week to upset Green Bay (and them getting blown out), I’m doubling up on them. Here’s why. Chicago has an amazing offense and score a ton of points. No matter your thoughts on Carolina’s defense this year (mine are that they’re inconsistent but will usually be pretty bad), they don’t have the offensive firepower to keep up with the Bears.

Cleveland +1.5 over TENNESSEE

I like the Browns this year. It’s inexplicable, but I have a good feeling about them this year. On the other hand, I hate the Titans this year. I can actually explain this feeling. They’ve got no defense and the little offense they have (Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Delanie Walker) is hamstrung by their lack of a functioning NFL quarterback. Bishop Sankey could run wild through Cleveland’s suspect run defense, but other than that, it should be all Cleveland.

By the way, if it weren’t for the Bears, this would be Taco Bell Upset of the Week.

PHILADELPHIA -7 over St. Louis

Gee, do I want the amazing offense playing against an underperforming defense, laying only seven points? Hmmm….

News flash: the Giants are for real. They look like they’ve finally picked up Ben McAdoo’s playbook and their offense is looking very good. Their defense has been better than expected, or at least good enough to keep them in games. Normally I’d pick Atlanta here but for two reasons. One, Rashad Jennings should rip through Atlanta’s paper-thin run defense and two, the Falcons are playing away from home. Dome teams have historically played much better at home compared to on the road. Just look at Drew Brees and the Saints’ home/road splits. They’re astounding. Speaking of New Orleans…

NEW ORLEANS -10.5 over Tampa Bay

…This week they’re playing at home. Against the Buccaneers. 10.5 points isn’t enough to stop me from taking them every day of the week plus twice on Sunday.

DALLAS -5.5 over Houston

This might be one of the best matchups in the league for the Cowboys. Arian Foster is hobbled by injury and Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t throw so Dallas’ defense won’t be exposed. On the other side of the ball, Romo and Dez Bryant will have a field day against the shaky Houston secondary and DeMarco Murray will rampage through the feeble defense that let Rashad Jennings run for 176 yards in Week 3. JJ Watt can’t play all 22 positions on the field, so the Cowboys are in good shape.

DETROIT -7 over Buffalo

Would you bet your life on Kyle Orton and Sammy Watkins being outscored by less than seven by Matt Stafford and Megatron? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

INDIANAPOLIS -3.5 over Baltimore

Andrew the Giant against Joe Flacco and 3-yards-per-carry Baltimore defense??? C’mon Vegas, try and make these lines a little more challenging. Actually, never mind. I’ll need a career when I grow up if writing doesn’t work out.

Pittsburgh -6.5 over JACKSONVILLE

This game worries me a little because Blake Bortles has a chance to have a classic rookie game, an out of nowhere 3 TD 350 yard performance. However, I’ll just keep on reminding myself that Jacksonville literally has no secondary (no seriously, they usually have a couple of plastic bags in there as their starting cornerbacks) and the Steelers have Roethlisberger throwing to Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton.

Arizona +7 over DENVER

Honestly, I don’t like this pick much. I just hadn’t picked an underdog in awhile. Of course, picking Denver doesn’t really appeal to me though so I’ll go with the points and hope for the best and that Patrick Peterson and Co. can shut down the Denver passing attack.

SAN DIEGO -6.5 over New York Jets

The Chargers are at home. They are a very good team. They have a very good pass attack. The Jets have a bad secondary. The Jets start Geno “Apple” Smith, the Human Turnover. The line should not be less than 10. End of story.

Kansas City +6 over SAN FRANCISCO
Totally a gut call here. I hate the Niners this year and the Chiefs looked really good last week. Of course, it was against the Pats, but still.

Cincinnati -1 over NEW ENGLAND

The Bengals so far have looked like one of the best teams in football. The Patriots, quite frankly, have not. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Seattle -7 over WASHINGTON

This would be my Derrick Rose Blowout of the Week if it weren’t for the customary Thursday night blowout. Kirk Cousins looked horrendous last week against the Giants (I predicted it, didn’t I?) and the Seahawks have a secondary that’s twice as good as New York’s. Also, Washington’s defense is bad enough that it let up 45 points to the Giants. THE GIANTS. I think Russell Wilson and Co. can do better than that.

This Week: 0-0-0

Last Week: 6-7-0

Total: 28-32-1


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